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Due Diligence is the investigation of the current physical and financial conditions of an apartment community. The analysis of data collected during the due diligence process assists the buyer in determining the direction of the transaction, confirms operating assumptions and expenses, adjusts any value-add CapEx budgeting, and allows the buyer to determine if the property fits their investment guidelines. The financial investigation traditionally is handled by the property management firm and Gage Multifamily Services will assist with inspecting the physical condition of the property.


Why Choose Gage Multifamily Services?

    • We will assist you in navigating the difficult steps of the physical due diligence process. You can rely on our years of experience in multifamily acquisition, asset management, and project management to streamline the process for you. We will look at every nook and cranny of your property and leave with a detailed list of the repairs or replacements needed. Our process includes the following:
    • Unit Interior Inspection
    • • A team of Gage employees will work with property management staff to gain access into ALL available unit interiors.
    • • Our team will walk each individual unit and document the current conditions.
    • Property Exterior Walk
    • A qualified Gage team member will complete the exterior condition assessment where we will walk the entire community grounds, around every building perimeter, and through breezeways.
    • • We will take current condition photos and complete a repair takeoff for future renovation estimates
    • Upon completion of the inspection, Gage Multifamily Services will provide:
    • • Executive summary of our findings
    • • In-depth condition report
    • • Photos of ALL unit interiors & exteriors
    • • Unit interior condition worksheet
    • • Detailed CapEx renovation proposal/budget

What's Included 

Standard Inspection Items

  • • Property exterior conditions
  • • Downspout & gutter conditions
  • • Exterior carpentry & siding conditions
  • • Masonry conditions
  • • Window & door conditions
  • • Exterior mechanical system review
  • • Property railing, staircase, & landing conditions
  • • Retaining wall conditions
  • • Parking lot conditions
  • • General unit tours & condition assessments
  • • Property pet occupancy
  • • Pest infestation status
  • • Organic growth
  • • Fire notification & suppression systems
  • • Evidence of leaks
  • • Fixture conditions
  • • Local municipality code violation & permit histories

    Addition Add Ons

    • • Environmental site assessment
    • • Roofing system inspection & assessment
    • • Plumbing system inspection
    • • Electrical system inspection
    • • Property lighting assessment
    • • Pool inspection
    • • Foundation inspection
    • • Retention pond inspection

    Let's Talk Numbers

    • The price of our due diligence inspection ranges from $50 -$100 per unit. However, this can be a FREE service if you use Gage Multifamily for your CapEx renovation.

    For more information check out this video of a due diligence we completed in Austin, TX or click here to preview a completed Due Diligence report.