Gage Multifamily Services President, Rich Trepanier, shares his value-add expertise today as a guest on The Real Estate Syndication Show with Whitney Sewell. Today's Topic: What It Takes to Do a Multifamily Value-Add Renovation with Rich Trepanier But what exactly are value-add renovations? What are the best Value-Add Renovations to implement at your property? How should I budget for Value-Add Renovations? These questions and more, answered! Copy and paste the link to listen. #gagemultifamily #valueadd #multfamilyinvesting

Property Refresh - Get smart with smart technology! 2020 is already off and running and multifamily construction wave is not slowing down. More than 381,000 multifamily homes broke ground across the country in 2019 and that figure is expected to swell to 400,000 units/per year in 2020. How do existing communities refresh their look and feel to compete with new builds? It starts with being smart. And by smart, we mean smart technology. The largest current share of renters are currently Millennials, the generation known for being both technologically savvy and passionate about having a custom experience. Smart technology checks both boxes allowing customization of apartment climate, lighting, and security from a resident’s smartphone. 1. Smart Door Locks – Residents unlock units using their smartphone. Clean design of hardware upgrades apartment entry. 2. Doorbell/Security Camera – Allows enhanced visual of visitors and notification on resident's smartphone. 3. Smart Thermostats – Residents control unit climate and schedules to suit their needs. 4. Smart Lightswitch – Enables lighting in unit on-demand or schedule, so residents feel safe when they walk into their unit. 5. Smart Outlets - Provides multiple recurring timers to automate humidifiers, appliances or lamps and keep energy costs low. Wondering how to integrate these products into your multifamily property? Gage can help! Give us a call: 512-368-8376 #gagemultifamily #multifamily #multifamilyrenovation #multifamilytrends

Owner Spotlight: Rich Trepanier is one half of the ownership team at Gage Multifamily Services. Rich’s experience in renovation began after college, in St. Louis where he, along with his twin brother, Rob, invested in and renovated several historic buildings in St. Louis. Rich relocated to the Texas multifamily market and founded Gage with Rob in 2014to serve multifamily properties with the same expertise, passion, and quality they would provide their own family. While Rich oversees sales and business development for Gage, he is active and passionate about all aspects of the company. Rich received his B.A. in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Baylor University. Rich is above all a proud father, husband, and Spartan.