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Summer HVAC Preventative Maintenance 

We sit down with Gage Sales Director, Tim Johnson, to discuss his recommendations for HVAC maintenance!

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Strategies with Tim Johnson

Don't get left out in the heat or cold by neglecting your apartment community's HVAC system! Gage Multifamily Services Director of Business Development, Tim Johnson is here with your must-implement HVAC maintenance - and why following these steps is crucial.

Spring/Summer Preventative maintenance includes:

Cleaning or replacing filters monthly

Cleaning condenser and evaporator coils

Clean drain lines to ensure proper flow and to clear clogs

Clean overflow pans

Check for mechanical failures - worn pulleys, belts in the system.

Change thermostat batteries

Check electrical system and connections, fan motor

Check for debris around the condenser.

Inspect for mold, dust, and debris and check humidity levels.

Why is preventative maintenance important?

Tim: Summer is the best time for maintenance because that's when you are using your AC the most, especially in Texas. It's hot, it's humid and you are running your AC all the time. Your AC works as a bit of dehumidifier too, so it brings you humidity down in your house. Maintenance is important so your unit doesn't fail and your resident is sitting there in a real hot apartment home. If you do preventative maintenance, it doesn't mean the system won't shut down. But it will increase its life and will make your world a lot more comfortable. It will save you money on the backend.

For instance, changing filters at least once a month has a compose of benefits. One, your air quality n your place will be better because the filter will get out some of the pollutants and the pollen and those things that come in just when you open and close the door.

The system won't have to work as hard if it doesn't get clogged up with animal hair, pet dander, all of those things can get clogged up in your system and really make the system work really hard so it will be less efficient and it has more chance to freeze up.

How do you handle monthly filter changes in multifamily communities?

Tim: You can enlist your property management company to help residents get filters replaced monthly.

It costs 6-7 dollars per month for a new filter versus getting stuck and waiting to thaw out the system and there can be a huge mess. I've gone into a resident's home where the system was so clogged it froze up and when it freezes up they wonder why it is getting so hot when the AC is running. The next thing you know, the system is frozen and there is water damage that occurs. The system can't breathe and freezes up and once it thaws, the water can flood the community.

Check Your drain lines. Blow them out to make sure there is no clog.

In multifamily, you may have an opportunity to make sure the drain lines are clean. Does your property management company check the drain lines, blow them out. If you have a clog, your system could freeze up. If the condense is outside, you can hose down the coils on the condenser to make sure grass, leaves, and debris stay out of the condenser.

Take the time to do visual inspections and you will save money and time in the long run.