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Fall 2020 Multifamily Maintenance Checklist

There's no better than NOW to prepare your property for winter with our Multifamily Maintenance Checklist!

Get ahead of the game before your roof, plumbing, or electrical fails with preventive maintenance.

Bonus: if you ever plan to sell your investment property, you are in a strong position for a smooth transaction if you keep up with preventative maintenance.

Here are some recommendations for you.



Check for any flashing or areas of degraded shingles. Pay special attention to any openings that may attract bird or insect nests.

Gutters and Downspouts

Inspect for leaks or clogged gutters.


Inspect for any cracks and fill with exterior caulking.

Windows/Doors :

Check exterior caulk and look for any signs of wood rot.



Inspect system and clean condenser coils. Change filters every quarter.

Hot Water Heater

Flush your water heater annually to remove harmful minerals and deposits.

Common Area Plumbing

Check underneath all sinks for any leaks and clean drains.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Replace batteries every year and test.



Aerate/Fertilize/Seed your grass to choke out weeds and improve curb appeal.