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12 Ways to Renovate your Investment Property

Sometimes a floor-to-ceiling renovation is needed to add value to your property try. We recommend this cool gray color palette with modern black fixture for an on-trend design look.

Try these easy upgrades to transform your multifamily investment!

1. Install New Cabinet Doors & Handles

New hardware instantly transforms the look of a cabinet and brings the room into the modern era.

Are your cabinet boxes in good condition? You may get away with painting the boxes and replacing the doors.

2. New Door Hardware & Hinges

A cool gray palette is having its moment in multifamily. Add in matte black hardware for this on-trend design look.

3. Fresh Paint

A coat of paint breaths new life into an apartment. Special primers can help seal up scents that have penetrated drywall.

4. Replace Vents & Smoke Detectors

Swap out dusty and yellowing trim and install new.

5. Replace Switch Plates & Outlets

Plastic electrical plates tend to yellow over time and it's not a good look. Consider USB outlets and decora switch plates to modernize your unit.

6. New Blinds

Blinds add an element of privacy to a unit. We recommend 2" faux wood blinds, instead of vinyl for a more luxe look that is easier to clean and maintain.

7. Swap Out Faucets

Out with the old chrome and in with the new modern plumbing fixtures. Gooseneck faucets are popular in kitchens, especially when they come with a handy pull-down sprayer. New lavatory faucets freshen up a bathroom and are designed to give more room at the sink.

8. Upgrade Lighting & Fans

Ugly old brass fans and Hollywood vanity lights are a thing of the past. Install LED ceiling fans and modern strip fixtures for contemporary glamour.

9. Replace Toilet

New toilets are much more efficient and trust us, your renters will appreciate a new toilet.

10. New Floors

Carpet is another relic of multifamily's past. Consider installing vinyl floors throughout a unit for a cohesive look that is both attractive to residents and wears better than carpet.

11. Replace Counters

Quartz counters offer a durable and anti-microbial surface and add a luxury feel to an apartment unit.

12. New Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are an easy upgrade that can add income to your unit's monthly rent.